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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise the keyboard shortcut?

Yes! You can simply do this by going to the LensOCR Menu bar and select Preferences. By default you will have Shift+Cmd+2 and can by clicking on it select the shortcut that you like. 

How do I change to lifetime access if I'm already subscribed?

If you currently have a monthly or yearly subscription to LensOCR Pro and want to purchase lifetime access, you need to cancel your current subscription. Please follow the directions in this article to do so. After the subscription has expired, you can purchase lifetime access.

Why does the app not recognise the whole alphabet of my language?

LensOCR comes with Standard and Advanced languages.

  • Standard

    • In MacOS Catalina only the English alphabet is supported, but MacOS 11 Big Sur supports other major languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. 

  • Advanced​

    • Supports more than 100 languages on any MacOS version.​

Does LensOCR have any problem recognising text?

The standard languages have some problems recognising text with a lot of symbols, such as the ones found in code. 


However, the advanced languages use the Tesseract Engine, which have shown to be more accurate with any type of text.

Lightning conditions or small text fonts can also cause wrong recognitions.

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