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Remove Background, 

Capture Text


Scan QR / Barcode

LensOCR enhances the screenshot feature from macOS, it allows you to capture, text, objects, QR and Barcodes. You will be impressed by its simplicity, it integrates seamlessly in your daily work.

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Requires macOS Catalina or Big Sur

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Remove Background

You have only to take a picture of any background, and cut out the object - you will immediately have a professional visual without needing a photo studio!

Capture Text

Extract any text any image, photo, presentation, video tutorial, zoom meetings, YouTube and many more.

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Scan QR / Barcode

Capture any QR code or barcode and convert it to text.


LensOCR Pro keeps track of all the text, so it's easy to go back in time and copy again what you need.

History is only kept locally on your Mac.


Continuity Camera

Quickly convert and copy scanned documents to text with your iPhone or iPad.

Mac and iPhone or iPad must have Bluetooth turned on and both should be on the same iCloud account.

How does Remove Background work?

Remove Background.webp

How does Capture Text work?

Capture Text.webp

1 . Press Shift+Cmd+2
to start or select Capture
Text from the menu



2. Select region on

Everything result.webp

3. Press Cmd + V to
paste the captured text

Try LensOCR
for Free


Lifetime Access for only


  • Unlimited background removals. macOS Big Sur only

  • Unlimited screen Text Captures.

  • QR Code reader.

  • Barcode reader.

  • Scan from Device.

  • History**

* $19.99 or local currency equivalent.

** Only kept the latest 30 days.


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