Remove Background, 

Capture Text


Scan QR / Barcode

LensOCR is like a Swiss Army knife app for your Mac - you won't believe it exists. 

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Requires macOS Catalina or Big Sur


Remove Background

You have only to take a picture of on any background, and cut out the object - you will immediately have a professional visual without needing a photo studio!

Capture Text

Extract over 100 languages from any image, photo, presentation, video tutorial, and many more.

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Scan QR / Barcode

Capture any QR code or barcode and convert it to text.

How does Remove Background work?

Remove Background.webp

1. Select Remove Background from the menu 


2. Select object on screen

How does Capture Text work?

Capture Text.webp

1 . Press Shift+Cmd+2
to start or select Capture
Text from the menu



2. Select region on

Everything result.webp

3. Press Cmd + V to
paste the captured text